The 1,000 Calorie At-Home Workout

Diary of a Fit Mommy

Splurged on Thanksgiving dinner? No worries! Here is a workout to get your body sweating, heart pumping, and your adrenaline rushing!

The 1,000 Calorie At-Home Workout

*Warning: It won’t be easy. If you physically are not conditioned to complete this workout in one sitting, then please do not try. Do each move fully and vigorously, to your ability*

Instructions: Repeat the following set three times with one minute of rest in between the sets.

Warm Up: 10 Minute Jog/Sprint Intervals (jog 1 min, sprint 1 min, repeat)
100 Jumping Jacks
100 Mountain Climbers
100 Crunches
50 Squats
50 Burpees
5 Minutes of Jumping Rope
5 Minutes of High Knees
Cool Down: 10 Minute Jog/Walk Intervals (jog 1 min, walk 1 min, repeat)

If you cannot make it to a gym and need to workout from home, try my new Strong Body Guide that is helping busy women worldwide get into their best shape ever. Little to no equipment needed for most moves!

Strong Body Guide: 12 Week Home Workout Program
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In this guide, you can expect:

– 12 weeks of workouts that can be done at home with little to no equipment.
– 225 pages long
– Each workout takes less than 30 minutes-great for busy schedules.
– step by step instructional picture examples of every move
– no gym required
– exercises focus on hiit, strength training, and plymetrics
– download on any device
– build a lean tone stomach, butt, thighs, and arms
– download instantly from anywhere
– promote fat loss & boost metabolism
– contains cardio and stretching routines as well!
– full exercise glossary with images and instructions for every move

*All guides are digital ebooks available instantly worldwide. Compatible on all devices – Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Computer, Mac.

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1,000 calorie workout

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