Beginning Weight: 158lbs

Ending Weight: 149.5lbs

Total Weight Loss: 8.5lbs

For the next four days I will be monitoring my calories via SparkPeople. Its a free site and very useful. Then I will start the three day diet all over again. Here is the entire diet below and the blog I got it from.

Substitutes can be found here:

Day 1

Breakfast Menu

1 slice of Toast ( I went with Whole Wheat)

2 Tlbs of Peanut Butter

Half a Grapefruit (I thought I had picked up Ruby Red…so wrong)

Tea or Coffee (As you can see I had just a smidge of creamer)

Lunch Menu

1 slice of Toast (again I went with wheat)

1/2 cup of Tuna (one can drained)

Coffee or Tea (I went with iced coffee with a little creamer)

Dinner Menu

3oz of any meat

Day 2

Breakfast Menu

1 Egg (it doesn’t specify what kind)

Lunch Menu

1 cup of Cottage Cheese

Dinner Menu

Day 3

Breakfast Menu

*Disclaimer: This is not my diet plan I am just following it. Check with your doctor before doing this diet and read the blog link provided. I am simply sharing my experience with this diet and not recommending it*