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8 Minute Abs Workout To Strengthen And Tighten Your Core

This beautifully crafted 8-minute abs workout poster is all you need on your wall to flatten your tummy and get toned abs.

The ab exercises chosen for this “8-Minute Ab Workouts” are ones the American Council on Exercise (ACE) tested and named the best for activating the ab muscles. In other words, these exercises are proven to give you an effective ab and core workout and offer the best bang for your buck— so get ready to strengthen and tighten your biggest problem area, the stomach.

How does it work? This abs workout routine is pretty simple.

Perform each ab exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions as instructed.

9 Ab Exercises:

* Crunches

* Bicycle Crunches
* Mountain Climbers
* Side V-UPS
* Dynamic Planks
* Knee Touches
* Touches Leg
* Lifts Crunch Claps

Level 1: 10 Reps X 2 Sets Level 2: 10 Reps X 3 Sets Level 3: 10 Reps X 4 Sets

There you have it! The best ab exercises in 8 mins a day for flatter, sexier abs. Grab it, do them, and start seeing results in the comfort of your room.

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