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4 HIIT workouts to try now

  So you want to be one of those super-fit (and perky) people? Set a goal and time frame and train using these HIIT workouts. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with active recovery sessions. These short, intense workouts burn high levels of calories and improve athletic capacity.  How: Try the...

Basic boxing guide

Boxing can be integrated into various exercise genres including cardio, HIIT,plyometric, reflex training and stamina training. Reap the benefits of this all-rounder with Tiffanee Cook, Boxing Trainer from Fightfit Boxing Centre's boxing basics. It is important that before starting a boxing workout, your body, joints and muscles are nice and warm. The best way to...

Crank up your core strength with plank variations

Boost your results with these plank variations by Holly Barker. Side plank with knee touch Elevate your side plank by dropping your top elbow and raising your top knee towards each other. Perform 10 reaches per side, holding at the crunch and coming back to side plank each time.   Basic plank with mountain climber Elevate the basic plank...

Dynamic warm up routine

Warm up your muscles with September cover model Alexa Towersey's favourite warm up sequence. Overhead Reverse Lunge x 10 Step back into a reverse lunge, bringing the knee down to graze the ground as you reach your arms up and out of your hips towards the ceiling. Emphasise driving the pelvis underneath you to create length...

15-minute ab workout

Want a strong core? Add this high-energy workout to your workouts and boost fat loss, muscle gain and strength. All you need is 15 minutes two to three times a week and a medicine ball.  Words/workout: Sam Ly (pictured)  Photography: Jamie Watling  1. Straight-arm plank Lie on a flat surface. Position hands directly under shoulders and legs,...


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