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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

How to count macros

  Although counting macronutrients can seem daunting at first, you may be suprised at how easy it is once you get the hang of it. Check out our basic guide below.   Step 1:  Adopt A Macros Ratio Most experts who use macros suggest dividing the Big 3 macronutrients into these ratios: »Protein: 35% or 40% »Carbs: 50% or 40% »Fats: 15%...

Top tips to help you get lean

  Want to swap your fat for muscle? Trainer and high performance manager of Oakleigh Chargers Football Club Ben Sharpe and director of MP Studio Luke Archer share their lifestyle tips to help you lean out. 1. Get enough shut-eye: aim for 7.5 to nine hours of sleep per night for optimal recovery and hormonal balance.  2. Office know-how:...

How to stop yourself from overeating

  Wondering why you constantly overeat? Here are three factors that may be contributing to over-indulging.    It’s easy to over-dramatise the odd extra helping as a ‘binge’ or ‘blowout’, but if you are consistently eating more than your body needs, there may be good reasons.  The stick: Macro shortfall The human body’s drive for protein is so powerful...

How to fast-track fat loss

  Want to know the key to fat loss? Master trainer Daniel Tramontana shares his tips for guaranteed fat loss.   To fast-track coveted progress such as greater fat loss, Tramontana says you need to get back to basics. Cardio is not ‘hardio’ With a combination of higher intensity interval training (HIIT), low-intensity steady state (LISS) training,...

How to lose the last two kilos

    They say the last two kilograms are the hardest to lose, but we’ve found a loophole. STEP 1.   Calculate your baseline Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories you’d burn per day if you were to lie in bed 24/7. It’s based on various factors including your height, age and body composition (a higher muscle...


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