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Workout plans

Workout plans

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Finally Score Some Abs

(For more great tips on how to start lifting to transform your body, you're going to want to check out Holly Perkins' book, Lift to Get Lean.) Include two 35-minute sessions every week, hitting as many of your major muscle groups as you can: legs, back, chest,...

Live Your Best Life Naturally

Santa’s Workshop- Diffuser BlendMom’s Glow- Serenity Restful Blend

Live Your Best Life Naturally

Santa’s Workshop- Diffuser BlendMom’s Glow- Serenity Restful Blend

Fitness Blitz: The 30-Minute Workout

What if being too busy to work out was no longer an excuse? What if you could get an effective workout in 30 minutes a day? Think about it: 30 minutes. That's just half an episode of Gray's Anatomy. And an effective 30-minute workout is no...

Next Fitness Star Emily Schromm Shows You How to Get a Rock-Hard Body Like Hers

Emily Schromm nabbed our second-annual The Next Fitness Star title with her sick moves and infectious energy. Test out her ridiculously effective routine, below, and don't miss out on ordering The Next Fitness Star DVD (sold by Women's Health's parent company, Rodale), available now! -- Say hello...

3 Day Diet Results

Beginning Weight: 158lbs Ending Weight: 149.5lbs Total Weight Loss: 8.5lbs For the next four days I will be monitoring my calories via SparkPeople. Its a free site and very useful. Then I will start the three day diet all over again. Here is the entire diet below and the...

23 Fit Tips From Top Trainers Around the World

woman lifting with her trainer at a gym woman meditating at home 5. Do what you love. “If you try something and it doesn’t work, try something else. If you’re injured, switch gears and focus on another aspect of your fitness until you heal. Never stop searching for...

11 Resistance Band Moves to Kick Your Butt (and Everything Else)

Get more awesome workouts at CosmoBody, the new fitness and lifestyle video channel. Resistance bands don't look as hardcore as dumbbells and barbells. But if you know how to use them, they can seriously transform your entire body. Complete eight to 10 reps of each exercise...

Full Body Kettlebell Workout

If you're tired of the daily gym grind, spending an hour on the treadmill and mind-numbing resistance training machines then it's time to switch things up! Develop muscle tone, increase strength, and scorch fat with our full body kettlebell workout. Kettlebell fans rejoice! We've created a well-rounded...

Tone It Up: The Crop Top Workout Routine

This story is from our friends at Tone It Up! We’ll be sharing Tone It Up’s best fitness and healthy living tips every month. In today’s post, Karena and Katrina will be showing you their Crop Top Workout Routine that will have your midsection feeling...


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