Drop It Like A Squat


I have a love hate relationship with squats. Mostly hate.

I’ve realized I cannot complete the 30 day squat challenges with 4,000 squats in a row. I just can’t. I get bored. My legs break off. Ain’t nobody got time for 4,000 squats or legs breaking off.

In case you were wondering, 69 days until my Caribbean vacation. My thighs are staring up at me like “SHRINK US!!!!!!!!!!!” That’s actually a really weird image, but whatevs.

I have compiled a whole list of squat motivation, including a squat challenge that does not require 4,000 of the same type of squat in a row. My attention span is thanking me already.

PLEASE do this with me, so I don’t have to be miserable fit and fabulous alone.

I need this.

So…who’s with me??? I’m starting this today. No April Fools jokes here!

*None of these pictures are mine. I found them on Pinterest and the links were dead ends. So credit to whoever owns them*

The Best Of Intentions

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